February Flicks

February is usually pretty dreary, and this year is no different. With 2 weeks of rain and drizzle forecast it’s easy to feel pretty disheartened. But there is lots to look forward to in February. You can find snow drops out in much greater droves and finally see new plants like crocus and daffodils pushing through.

In February it gets a little warmer, and when the sun shows it’s face, nature makes the most of it…

dsc_0015Mr and Mrs Mallard enjoy the sunshine on the Thames nr Richmond


A London Parakeet catches the sun as he checks out a potential nesting spot in Brentford

dsc_0084-001Pidge looks a tad startled at just how bright it got on this February day!

HeronMr Heron goes hunting in the sparkling waters at Gunnersbury

February can be a great time to get away, if you don’t mind the cold. Since no one else is braving it, you get places like Exmoor to yourself! The pictures below were taken along the river from Watersmeet, which is a few miles inland from Lynmouth. It makes a great walk, Lynmouth to Watersmeet National Trust cafe. We then walk on and loop back over the hills for 10 miles of beautiful scenery.


 Or if not Exmoor, how about Dartmoor!



It’s not all doom and gloom out there. The sun will be back soon. Here’s a Robin to cheer you up in the mean time…



Been inspired. Click the links below to find out more about where I’ve been walking…




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