October Flicks

I feel like i’ve failed this October, I just haven’t got out enough. I’ve done some small local walks, pootled around in the falling leaves – but no big trips, no big hikes to really soak up the season. With the hour having gone back today I can’t help but feel I’ve missed my chance….

A Weekend Walk

It’s half term!! I woke up early with an awful headache on Saturday. Blundering around in the dark I took some ibuprofen and went back to bed. But then it occurred to me, that instead of going back to bed, I could go for a walk… Click on the picture below to follow me on…

A Day In Dorset

Never underestimate the power of the day trip my friend. If you’re willing to get up early and put in the driving, it can be just the thing you need for a total re-set. T and I did just that when we took a trip down to Dorset. We’ve only been to Dorset together once…

36 Hours in Devon

Tristan and I have really got the one night away in #devonheaven down to a T. We set off at 6am and were in Slapton by 11. We then stayed in Totnes and spent the following day mooching around it’s quirky independent shops. I love spending time in Totnes, just soaking up it’s unique atmosphere….

April Flicks

A belated post, apologies. The end of April was sunny and beautiful. The Blackthorn blossom burst to life like frothy clouds. These hedgrow bushes are the preferred egg laying plants for some of the hairstreaks, black, white, brown. The black can only be found in one small area, part of which is in Oxfordshire, so…